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Volunteers are always welcome.  The touching experience of helping a friend or loved one deal with Parkinson's over time motivates many people to help improve the lives of PLWP and those who support them.

There are different ways to contribute, depending on your interests, time and skills.  We would love to talk to you to find a role that's satisfying for you.

We are a fully volunteer-run organisation.  As we grow our ability to develop a wider range of programs and activities depends on the availability of volunteers to help implement them.

There are a number of ways to help:

  • serving on the committee (note: our constitution requires that at least two members are PLWP.  Our current committee has five!)

  • helping with particular events (e.g. 'Walk in the Park', seminars and forums, ...)

  • helping with a support group or activity (e.g. dancing, painting, singing, ...)

  • helping with background tasks

  • putting your name down on a list to be called upon as needs arise.

Those are general needs.




IT Help


This is not necessarily a position on the committee.

The range of activities requiring a general familiarity with software systems has broadened in recent times.  PACT would like to have someone with those skills as a backup.

If you are interested please contact the current webmaster at martinpikler@gmail.com.

Volunteer Officer

This is a new position.  It is not necessarily a position on the committee.

The role is to maintain a register of people who have offered to volunteer, noting their interests, skills and availability, and to contact them to check their availability as relevant tasks arise.  Occasionally getting the volunteer group together socially might be useful.

If you are interested please contact the PACT President john.a.sheldrick@gmail.com.