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PARKINSON'S ACT Service Provision Report

PACT recently enlisted the support of 180 Degrees Consulting ( - a high- performing team of students from the ANU (pro bono) to survey our members in consultation with a sub-committee of PACT - Martin Pikler, Jen Harkness, Kristen Pratt and Marcia Kimball. The survey focused on PACT Members' satisfaction with the current support services and activities, and on 25th May culminated in the 180DC team providing the final Report with a presentation at the John Curtin School of Medical Research.


The final report can be read here.


We are pleased to report that the overall picture was positive, with the PACT membership generally satisfied with the existing range and diversity of services. It was pleasing to hear how much our activities, support groups, information-sharing and seminars are valued, especially given that these services are primarily delivered by volunteers.


Improvements, however, can always be made – and the Report also outlines some constructive feedback and ideas for change from you, as our members, with insights from the team along with suggestions on a range of new services, currently not provided by PACT.

The Report also made recommendations in terms of our current membership process, education/information sharing, data collection and membership retention. They advised that given we are a small volunteer organisation, if we were to provide additional new services/activities, we would need to lift our capacity before offering more.


This insightful Report has provided a range of prioritised and practical recommendations to improve our offerings and our financial and people capacity.


Thank you to all those PACT members, family, carers and allies who recently completed our survey on members' satisfaction - and to those who also took the time to give further input through one-on-one interviews with the researchers.

A big thanks also and congratulations to James Hayne and his 180DC team whose professional and quality efforts were recognised at the ANU presentation night with the 'Best Project Award'! We believe this Report, distilling our members' helpful feedback, will inform and improve our future support to those living with Parkinson's in the ACT and surrounds.


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