We wish to acknowledge the following stallholders at the Walk in the Park:

University of Canberra Facility of Health Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic


The Student Led Neurological Rehabilitation clinic offers a group-based exercise and skills program for people with Parkinson's Disease. The program is designed to work on each person's specific needs and consists of an individual assessment and weekly exercise classes.  Classes are student-led and supervised by University of Canberra physiotherapists.  The class is an enjoyable way to exercise and includes balance training , balking and turning practice, strengthening exercises , strategies to help manage freezing, doing more than one thing at a time and education.  

Located in Bruce. Contact 02 6201 5843 or email healthclinic@canberra.edu.au


NeuroMoves SCIA  


Small group training is an opportunity to exercise in an engaging and motivating group environment. Groups of three will focus on a mutual goals that target strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, fine or gross motor skills. Groups may also be based on specific conditions such as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis.  The team recently became qualified  PD warrior facilitators. 

Located  in Flynn. Contact  1800 819 775 or on their website online enquiry.


Momentum Sports and Rehabilitation


Momentum offers a number of services specifically directed to help people with Parkinson's: neurological physiotherapy including LSVT BIG group classes and one-on-one therapy;  Yoga for Parkinson's; and Nutrition for Parkinson's.


Located in Bruce. Contact 02 6210 0060 or email contact@momentunsr.com.au


Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA)


CPA is experienced in the delivery of allied health and lifestyle programs for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  Its programs are based on evidence and qualified research which recommends aerobic exercise, strengthening activities (both on land and in water), stretching, and balance work as successful interventions which lead to positive outcomes for people living with neurological conditions.  CPA is also a PD Warrior facilitator.


Located  in Scullin.  Contact 02 6199 0600 or email  ask@cerebralpalsy.org.au

The Walking Clinic


The Walking Clinic strives to provide the best possible podiatric care, to treat everyone with dignity, respect, kindness and understanding, to demonstrate that the patient is valued and to maintain highly qualified, motivated personnel who show initiative in their work and concern for their patients.


Located in Lyneham, Kingston, Woden and Belconnen.    Appointments can be made online or call 02 6249 1758


Capital Nordic Walking

Capital Nordic Walking prides itself on its commitment to providing the highest quality of Nordic Walking and Personal Training services.  The benefit to those with Parkinson’s is improved balance, increased heart rate, better vascular heath, better oxygen intake, benefits to hip, knee and ankle joints, higher bone density all leading to better quality of life  and an increase in confidence levels.

Location: Training both North and South side of Canberra.  For further information contact Kristen Pratt on 0499 993 215 or email: hello@capitalnordicwalking.com.au