Hospital Grab Bag

We've made it easier to help you manage your medication timing yourself by making a Hospital Grab Bag available.

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It can be difficult to receive medication on time, every time when you’re admitted into hospital or go into respite. This might be especially challenging when hospitalisations are unplanned.

Each grab bag contains

  • Personal detail ID card
  • Medications list
  • Symptom/prompting checklist
  • Medication reminder wall clock
  • Admission wristbands
  • Brochure: Parkinson’s and Hospitalisation: Guidelines
  • Brochure: Medications to be Used with Caution for People with Parkinson’s.

To get the best benefit

  • Complete your personal details and care requirements on each of the enclosed documents
  • Have the Medications list completed by your pharmacist
  • Have your pharmacist provide a short-term supply of medications (5 days) noting expiry dates
  • Periodically (at least every 6 months) check that your short-term supply medications are not due to expire
  • Always keep your medications list up-to-date as medications, dosages, timings, etc change.

How to get your grab bag

Email the PACT occupational therapist to request your grab bag:

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