Seminar Review (2018)

‘Living your best life now’ On Thursday 29th November Parkinson’s ACT presented our biennial one-day seminar: ‘Living your best life now’.  We planned it to be valuable not only for people […]

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‘Living your best life now’

On Thursday 29th November Parkinson’s ACT presented our biennial one-day seminar: ‘Living your best life now’.  We planned it to be valuable not only for people living with Parkinson’s but also those who support them: family, carers, friends, health professionals and anyone interested in helping them live their best life possible.

Feedback on the seminar

We felt that the seminar was a great success but to get your views we designed an online survey to ask for your feedback.  Your feedback was indeed enthusiastic: 101 people responded and 98% rated the seminar very good or excellent.  Many people also contributed suggestions for future content and potential improvements.  Those free-form comments are very broad in their scope and cannot be easily summarised here, but they are valuable to us in understanding your interests as we plan not just future seminars, but all future activities.  Thank you for taking the time to respond.

There was another indicator of the success of the seminar: 103 tickets were sold to the general public (non-members), and by the end of the seminar 93 people had decided to join Parkinson’s ACT. This increased membership might afford more possibilities for coming together as a community:  something the survey showed was very valuable to you.

You can view the survey results on Survey Monkey here.

Keynote speakers

The seminar was designed around the four keynote speakers below.  It was our intention that we record the keynote presentations for the benefit of those who couldn’t attend, and also for your review.  The speakers have been kind enough to agree to our publishing not only their presentation slides but also the audio-visual recording of their talks.

Note:  some of the audio-visual recordings are still being prepared.

The presentations were in the order below. 

Treatment Pathways: From diagnosis to advanced therapies 

Dr Yash Gawarikar, Consultant Neurologist and Senior Staff Specialist, Calvary Public Hospital, VMO Calvary Bruce, and Clinical Lecturer Neurology ANU Medical School

Parkinson’s Blues:Are anxiety, depression and hallucinations holding you back? 

Dr Linton Meagher, Specialist Neuropsychiatrist, Northside Cremorne Clinic, VMO Sydney Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Surgical Clinic, North Shore Private Hospital

Research: Early diagnosis and slowing disease progression

 Associate Professor Antony Cooper, Head, Division of Neuroscience, Garvin Institute of Medical Research

​​Exercise as Medicine: The power of neuroplasticity to slow down the development of, and manage PD Symptoms

Ms Gilly Davy, Clinical Director and Lead Neurological Physiotherapists, Connect Neuro Physiotherapy, NZ. Australian Award for contributions to Neurological Physiotherapy. Introduction by Mr Ian Ruff, Olympic Medallist

Other presentations

In addition to the keynote speaker presentations, we heard updates from representatives of local and national bodies, as well as from PACT’s various support groups.  We were pleased to hear from PACT’s newest support group Young at Park (Y@P) for people with young-onset Parkinson’s.

​There was also a Mini Market Place showcasing a range of services for those living with PD, and a Painting with Parkinsons art exhibition.

The OFFBEAT Dancers

And last but not least, there were the OFFBEAT Dancers, coordinated by Philip Piggin. Their performance and presentation clearly won you over, and some of you were apparently already filling in the application form!

​Enjoy it again now!

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