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Everyone reacts differently to being diagnosed with Parkinson's. Some people will feel anxiety, anger or fear, others may deny the diagnosis and for some it can even feel like a relief as they finally have some answers.  Having a range of emotions and reactions to the diagnosis is normal as is having a range of questions and issues that you want answered. Whatever the reaction, no one has to face Parkinson's alone, we are in this together.   


Remember, it is likely you have already experienced a number of life challenges and just as you coped with those new and difficult moments, you will find the resources to cope with your future life with Parkinson's. Give yourself some time to come to terms with the diagnosis and understand what it means for you.


Parkinson's is a complex condition. The symptoms can impact on day to day activities and the future. Being diagnosed with Parkinson's is a life changing experience, but there are treatments to help manage the symptoms and support services available to help get the most out of life, maintain independence and to continue to enjoy all that life has to offer. 


A good place to start is with the following resources:

- Michael J Fox Foundation: Resources for People Newly Diagnosed with Parkinson's

- Professor Simon Lewis: What should I do now that I have just been diagnosed?

- Parkinson Foundation: New to Parkinson's

Knowing where to find answers to your questions can make a real difference and is the first step of taking charge of your life with Parkinson's.

Contact Parkinson's ACT by email at or contact the national Info Line 1800 644 189 for the information and support you need. The Info Line is free and confidential, and available Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm (except public holidays). 

FREE INFO LINE: 1800 644 189



Parkinson's ACT can help you approach this important issue.  Please check here.


It's wise to check your responsibilities in driving with a medical condition.  Please see here.