Young Onset Parkinson’s eXchange App (YOP-X) Official Release

April 2021 saw the official release of the first ever app for people living with Young Onset Parkinson's, aptly named the Young Onset Parkinson's eXchange App or YOP-X.

The project commenced in 2019 as a result of funding via a grant from NDIS and the vision and drive from Parkinson's South Australia to run with it. People living with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD) from different demographics around Australia were invited to be part of the working group. Those involved acted as a 'living lab' of design members to support the development of the YOP-X app. This is a world first and a comprehensive information portal and resource hub designed to support individuals living with YOPD as well as the primary support people (carers) and health professionals who play a vital role in caring for them.

For an insight into the app please watch the video:

The vision was clear, it was going to contain information obtained by those who would be the end users. The information was going to be relevant and current.

The six pillars featured are