‘Raising awareness to improve the independence, well-being and options for people with Parkinson’s’

20th and 21st of November 2020

Location: Online event 1 pm – 5 pm each day Price: $20 per ticket

Parkinson's Australia has announced that its National Symposium is coming up and "we have some great speakers and sessions lined up for you. We will be discussing different exercise methods, Parkinson's art, early intervention programs, fall prevention, support for carers, Parkinson’s nurses, deep brain stimulation and so much more!!!"

We welcome our keynote speaker:

Professor Rejko Krüger 

Professor of Neuroscience

Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine | University of Luxembourg

Topic: Prof Krüger will be discussing ‘Emerging Concepts for Precision Medicine in Parkinson's’

Other speakers include:

  • Prof Simon Lewis - Common conditions that can mimic Parkinson's - their diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

  • Dr Cedric Bardy - Patient-derived brain avatars to discover treatments that can stop Parkinson’s disease progression.

  • Prof Kevin Barnham - How preclinical Parkinson's disease opens a pathway to prevent the disease.

  • A/Prof Nial Wheate and Robert Vicary - discussing medicinal cannabis for Parkinson’s.

  • A/Prof Lachlan Thompson - discussing the potential and challenges for development of a safe and effective stem cell-based therapy as a new treatment option for PD.

  • Prof Mitrofanis, Dr Johnstone and Luke Gordon - discussing Red Light Therapy.

plus many more….

Click here to view the program, speaker profiles and to register.