SINEMET Supply Shortage Update – April 2019

On 21st February PACT was advised by Merck, Sharp and Dohme (Australia) of the status of the Sinemet shortage.

MSD requested that we communicate the attached notice to our members.

If you are using Sinemet please read their advice:

In essence, the advice is that the shortage is expected to continue through 2019, and switching to alternative brands or treatments is encouraged.

Footnote April 26th:

Parkinson's Australia posted the following information on their FaceBook page in April:

"Finally some good news regarding the shortages of levodopa. Medsurge, who import levodopa, with the support of Parkinson's Australia have succeeded in having the following strengths listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme: levodopa 200 mg + carbidopa 50 mg modified release tablet; and, levodopa 250 mg + carbidopa 25 mg tablet This means that you will pay $40.30 or $6.50 if you have a concession card. Prior to listing these medications would have cost most people at least $80 and probably over $100 per script."


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