This is a group for men with Parkinson’s. It’s based on the idea of meeting in a casual and relaxed setting where recreational games form a backdrop to simply chatting. The games range from tennis to boules and Finska, from backgammon and boggle to board games, but anything of interest really. The chat ranges from simply social to the sharing of information and experiences of Parkinson’s of course.

Don’t be dissuaded if you’re not so interested in games. Think of us as Guys and Games Gabbering. Come and join in. Partners are also welcome.

When: Second and Fourth Thursdays every month 10am-12noon

Where: Eastlake Tennis Club

(Flinders Way, Griffith. See for map)

Parking: typically available free on-site

For the scheduled Thursdays and any updates please see the website calendar

Any queries: please contact Martin at

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