Since August 2018 there has been an international supply shortage of Sinemet.

In July 2019 we received important clarifying advice in the form of a joint position statement by the Australasian Neuroscience Nurses Association (ANNA) Movement Disorder Chapter (MDC) committee in collaboration with the Movement Disorder Society of Australia and New Zealand (MDSANZ).

In May 2020 that position statement was updated. You will find it on the ANNA website here.

Additionally, MDSANZ has published a letter from Merck Sharp and Dohme (Australia) dated March 2020 notifying an alternative supply arrangement for

SINEMET CR® (levodopa/carbidopa) 200 mg/50 mg modified release tablets.

The letter can be found linked to their article ‘Replacement product for Sinemet CR®’ at

Note the MDSANZ comment that ‘Prescribers may find it useful to provide patients with a copy of this document with the script, in case the dispensing pharmacist is unaware of this formulation or how to order it.’

The two documents are also available on our website here (ANNA) and here (MSDANZ).

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