At the Tuesday support group meeting on 22nd October, Lisa Maunsell, a Health Promotion Officer for NSW/ACT for the Continence Foundation of Australia, spoke to the group about how to look after one’s pelvic floor, bladder and bowels, and incontinence.

28 members attended the presentation which included the following and other information:

a) what is continence/incontinence;

b) How can Parkinson’s affect your continence;

c) what you can do;

d) who can help;

e) what else does the Continence Foundation of Australia have on offer.

Some interesting comments included that one can download an App which showed all the public toilets in Australia and that some of the Disabled toilets were locked!! However, one can buy a key for these toilets for $20.

Lisa also noted if one had incontinence that there is financial assistance available such as Continence Aids Payment Scheme (about $650 per annum) and the National Disability Insurance scheme.

The service provided by the National Continence Foundation is free and the helpline (1800 330 066) is serviced by Continence nurses and is confidential.

Lisa left some brochures and said that these are also available through the internet at ( or by contacting the Foundation via the helpline (1800 330 066).

Lisa’s presentation is here:

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