Parkinson’s ACT Walk in the Park

Sunday 20th October 2019

We are pleased to tell you that preparation for Parkinson's ACT's major biennial event, our 'Walk in the Park',  is well under way.  We invite you to join us in making it even more successful than our last Walk in 2017.


The Walk in the Park will be held on the morning of Sunday, 20 October 2019.  It will take place at Rond Terrace on Lake Burley Griffin, at the bottom of Anzac Parade and between Parkes Way and the Lake.  The Walk itself will be around the beautiful Commonwealth Gardens.  We will be using a similar route to last time, a route which is reasonably mobility friendly. 


Walk in the Park has two very important functions.


Firstly, it is our major opportunity to promote our message and our purpose of supporting people living with Parkinson's in the ACT and surrounds .  The significant media coverage associated with this event allows us to increase community awareness of Parkinson's.


Secondly, it is our only fundraising event for the two-year period.  Parkinson’s ACT currently receives no direct government funding.  We finance our activities through membership fees,  donations, bequests, sales of paintings, and participant contributions for activity groups: painting, dance and singing.  Much appreciated as those are, our largest source of fundraising is nevertheless the Walk. It is what allows us to plan sustainable activity over the next years.


The Walk extends our methods of fundraising through event registrations, sponsorships, and very significantly through social fundraising via platforms such as Everyday Hero.  These allow event participants to reach out to their network of family and friends to sponsor their participation in the event.

Keep moving


This year our theme is 'Keep Moving'. We want to emphasise the power of exercise to improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s – so much so that it is often referred to as medicine! Keeping moving helps to reduce stiffness and improve mobility, posture, balance and walking. As well as increasing oxygen delivery and maintaining neurotransmitters to keep the heart, lungs, and nervous system healthy, exercise also helps reduce depression, stress, and anxiety, and improves sleep.  Exercise has been shown to slow disease progression — improved mobility decreases the risk of falling and other complications associated with Parkinson’s. Vigorous exercise, such as running or riding a bicycle, can ward off changes in the brain caused by aging and Parkinson’s.



An expanded event


In line with our theme of Keep Moving we are expanding the event this year. In addition to the traditional 1.5km walk we will be holding two other events, recognising not only the power of exercise but also the range of physical capabilities that people living with Parkinson's have.  Despite the common image, Parkinson's is not just an older person's disease.  Increasingly we are getting the message out that some 20% of people living with Parkinson's are 'young onset', being of working age and very active.


So this year in addition to the 1.5km walk there will be a 5km community bridge-to-bridge fun run, and also a Nordic walking race.  The Nordic walking race will be the first officially timed Nordic walking race in Australia.  Many of you will be aware that Nordic Walking is a beneficial and therapeutic exercise for PLWP, and popular in the Canberra community.


The expansion of these activities should draw a greater attendance, a greater visibility and a wider demographic to spread our message.

Raising awareness about the Walk


We’d like to ask you and your family and friends to start thinking about who you can approach to distribute information about the Walk.  This will help us get more people participating in the Walk and, hopefully, making donations.  Your personal approach may make all the difference, if you have a connection e.g. with a business, social club or sporting team (for example, do you have a contact with the Raiders, Brumbies or Capitals?).  Or it might be something as simple as sharing information about the Walk on your Facebook page.  You might also commit to approaching a local business, such as a chemist and asking them to put a Walk flyer in their window.


We’d also like you to consider who you may want to approach to participate directly in the Walk or alternatively sponsor you or a family member or just make a donation.   Again, your personal connection may make all the difference. 

So please:


  • speak to your family and friends, get them involved, ask them to save the date

  • let us know if you see opportunities for sponsorship:

  • let us know if you can volunteer to help on the day:

  • save the date:


Parkinson’s ACT 2019 Walk in the Park

Who:  everyone welcome

When: 9:30am Sunday 20 October, 2019

Where: Rond Terrace, Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra