A.C.T. Organisations

Below is a list of organisations in our region which might be able to help our Parkinson's community.  The list is not intended as comprehensive.  We will add more over time.

Carers ACT

Carers ACT is a not-for-profit organisation and the peak body for carers in the ACT. Their purpose is to support, connect and empower carers to maintain their caring role and personal well-being.

See their website.

Health Care Consumers

The Health Care Consumers’ Association (HCCA) is a health promotion organisation that provides a voice for consumers on local health issues and provides opportunities for health care consumers in the ACT to participate in all levels of health service planning, policy development and decision making. HCCA works to improve the quality and availability of health services, supports consumers to identify shared priorities about health, and represents these views to the ACT Government.

See their website.

People with Disabilities ACT Inc.

From 'Our Mission': 'PWD ACT represents, promotes and supports the collective interests of people with disabilities. We work to bring about an inclusive society by:

  • Advocating tor the removal of all attitudinal, physical and social barriers which prevent people with disabilities from participating fully in community life;

  • Working to improve policies. programs and practices in our society which support people with disabilities to have the best life possible; and

  • Collaborating with other ACT disability advocacy organisations to improve outcomes for people with disabilities.'

See their website.