Research projects

From time to time researchers approach PACT requesting volunteers to participate in research projects.

When a research participation request is received by PACT we look to establish its credentials and ensure ethics approval has been granted.  The attached form will need to be completed by the Researcher.

The summary information provided, subject to the Researcher’s agreement, will be published in the PACT newsletter, posted here on this website and linked to from our FaceBook page.  It will also have information on how to participate or find out more about the proposed project.

There is currently one project, as below.


Comparing models of physiotherapy service delivery in Parkinson’s Disease: a feasibility study

Physiotherapy can improve mobility and balance in people with Parkinson’s Disease. Researchers are inviting people with Parkinson’s to participate in a study focussing on delivering that improvement.

The study is investigating two models of physiotherapy service delivery (group-based and home-based) aimed at identifying sustainable and effective ways to provide physiotherapy to people with Parkinson’s.

Participants would undertake a 10-week exercise program with three sessions per week. For the first five weeks two of the sessions will be completed in a group environment as part of the current University of Canberra Student Led Neurological Physiotherapy classes, and one session will be completed at home. For the second five weeks participants will either continue that same schedule or they will complete all three sessions at home. During the first five weeks all participants will undertake five 15-minute sessions to assist them to learn the skills required to continue exercising at home.

See also the attached flyer.

If you would like more information please contact Allyson Flynn on 6206 8850 or via email