Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist appointed

It is the PACT Committee’s very great pleasure, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Hall, to introduce our new Parkinson’s Nurse:  Larinda Dowell.

Larinda comes to us with a wealth of experience in the Aged Care sector, and a thorough understanding that Young Onset Parkies have entirely different needs to the older age groups.

As PACT is a volunteer-run organisation, Larinda is not employed directly by us. Instead, Parkinson’s ACT and the Rotary Club of Hall have partnered with the Capital Health Network (CHN). Our partnership with CHN will ensure that Larinda will be able to reach out to the local medical networks and provide educational opportunities for medical practitioners, practice nurses and nursing home staff, increasing the understanding of Parkinson’s in our local health providers. The position of CHN Parkinson’s Nurse is completely new, though, and the immediate task for Larinda and Andrew Mead, the CHN Practice Development Manager, will be to determine the shape of the role, bearing in mind the current three-year funding period but with an eye towards sustainability beyond that. The Parkinson’s Nurse Steering Committee (comprising of representatives from PACT, Hall Rotary and CHN) will be working very hard to see that the position substantially improves the services and advice available to people living with Parkinson’s in our region.

The first major opportunity for members to meet Larinda will be at the Parkinson’s Seminar on Thursday 29th November 2018 at the Southern Cross Club in Woden. Until then we wish her the very best as she gets her teeth into this new and exciting opportunity!